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Autism Tim Chan Oct.13

Autism took away my speech,
but gave me the will to learn to communicate.

Autism robbed me of control over my body,
but gave me access to the unlimited reaches of my mind.

Autism depleted my ability to be independent,
but led me to trust in those who care for me.

Autism diminished my skills in relating to people,
but provided a circle of support from those who believe in me.

Autism reduced my understanding of the world as others see it,
but taught me to appreciate the wonder in a water droplet.

Another Day Tim Chan 25.02.14

The blinding light searing my befuddled brain,
my eyes open slowly, orienting to the morning.

A suffocating wave of despair crashes like the surging tide on rocks,
washing over me, leaving me gasping for air.

I felt like this, just a memory ago.

The memory of an occasion when I swallowed my panic, went ahead and did my job.

Yet the rising tide of panic came with the hammering of my heart, the churning of my stomach, the tightness in my chest.

Fighting the urge to run, taking deep breaths, I steadied myself and walked onto the stage.

The world is but a stage, and I got my chance at the limelight, a chance to tell my story.

A sea of unfamiliar faces, turned towards me expectantly.

Controlling my unsteady body, I dropped onto the chair, On the table, a familiar device, my voice output machine, my trusty steed.

Help at hand, a supporting touch, a reassuring voice, ‘One step at a time, focus.”

Fingers itching to touch my body, yearning to scratch the goose bumps of apprehension, I started to type, one word, and another, then the sentence we’d practised.

Steeling myself to continue, I imagined scaling the summit, one step and one spur at a time. Final sentence, the summit conquered. Drained, I got up, walked off.

Yet my heart sang. I did it.

A lady, a stranger, at the supermarket, told me that the talk inspired her to try harder, On the days she didn’t even want to get out of bed,

And I think I can do it.

My eyes adjust to the light, a new day, as always, summits to conquer.